Who We Are and What Do We Do?

CYL’s record on diversity issues is exemplary. This competence and our experience both feed the development and delivery of our services to ensure they meet the needs of a diverse young population. It’s CYL’s cultural awareness that distinguishes us from many others. Enriched by the rich ethnic diversity of our staff at all levels ranging from the Chairman to the Youth Management Committee through to volunteers. Systems and processes are in place across the organisation to ensure this informs our recruitment, induction, training and working practices of our staff. CYL’s approach is informed by the steady flow of volunteers and local people into our organisation. Our diverse staff bring with them the richness of various experiences, knowledge and passion that comes from people who really care about the communities where they live.

The CYL Objectives:

  • Involve young people in all aspects of our work
  • Develop integrated youth support services
  • Offer inclusive, hands-on training and education to young people
  • To continually develop social inclusion initiatives
  • Actively seek community partnerships to help create equal opportunities for all young people
  • To utilise multimedia to address current social issues surrounding young people
  • To continually challenge attitudes of today through understanding and communication with young people.