Who We Are and What Do We Do?

Community Youth London – CYL is an independent music and media charity, which manages a variety of community-based services and initiatives, the majority of which are youth-oriented and led. These services and courses across events, music, hospitality and more are first step towards long term employment and further education.

Our charity became operational in January 2007 and quickly gained a positive reputation for our targeted work with young people. Our approach to diversity and  innovative services has also been recognised as part of our strength. Since inception, CYL has grown from a vision to a reputable charity with an impressive track record and a growing database of over 22,000+ young people across London.

A key feature of what we do is to empower young people and encourage them to take ownership of their lives. Many of our activities are youth-led and managed, whilst guided and supported by industry professionals, experienced tutors and peer mentors. CYL involves young people in all aspects of our work and the voices of young people are well represented by our Youth Management Committee – YMC.

The CYL Objectives:

  • Involve young people in all aspects of our work
  • Develop integrated youth support services
  • Offer inclusive, hands-on training and education to young people
  • To continually develop social inclusion initiatives
  • Actively seek community partnerships to help create equal opportunities for all young people
  • To utilise multimedia to address current social issues surrounding young people
  • To continually challenge attitudes of today through understanding and communication with young people.