Work Skills


As an extension of our current services, we also deliver the Work, Skills and Training Project. A practical work experience programme allowing young people aged 14+ to gain work experience. Participants work in a commercial production company for 10 days working alongside established media professionals.

Young people are working from earlier and need to understand the world of work. We offer that preparation. By offering the opportunity to gain practical experience, helping young people can make more informed career and/or educational choices for their futures. By exposing them to the business they have relevant experience and a better understanding of their chosen industry.

Our work experience/training packages give groups of up to 8 students a 10-day course working alongside a professional production company, PR company, and record label. Preparing young people for training, apprenticeships, work or self-employment.  Our work skills and training packages are facilitated by industry professionals with grassroots knowledge and experience in the relevant field.

With three available pathways (held in blocks of 10 sessions) allowing young media creatives the opportunity to choose a path that best suits them over a total of 30 weeks,  administered either on a one day per week for 10 weeks period, spaced over 1 term or 5 days per week (Mon – Fri) for two weeks.

The CYL work experience/ training packages pathways include:

(1) Music Production > Life Skills > PR/ Marketing > Music Business
(2) Viral Production > Life Skills > PR/ Marketing > Music Business
(3) Graphic Design > Life Skills > Web Design > Music Business